House On The Rock

House On The Rock - Heritage Of The Sea Monster

Final stop for this weekend’s journey and we are going out in unique fashion at The House on the Rock.  What exactly is this place?  In a nutshell, an entire estate built by a creative madman named Alex Jordan, Jr. that is a living breathing LSD trip (and I mean all of that in a … Read more

Stephens Falls

Governor Dodge State Park - Stephens Falls

Not far away from Cox Hollow Lake Falls and still within Governor Dodge State Park is the easily accessible Stephens Falls. Another small flow can be seen running down the cliff side directly next to the main falls. Unfortunately we didn’t spend much time here as some other park guests were picking flowers, destroying sensitive … Read more

Cox Hollow Lake Falls

Cox Hollow Lake - Cox Hollow Lake Falls

Memorial Day morning was threatening rain but that didn’t stop us from getting in a few short hikes.  First one of the day was Cox Hollow Lake Falls at Governor Dodge State Park.  From the trail we first saw the lake spillway but that isn’t why we are here. Clouds above Cox Hollow Lake are … Read more

Cave Of The Mounds

Cave Of The Mounds - Endless Tunnel

Thanks to Devils Lake being jam packed with people coming in for Memorial Day we were in search for alternative things to do.  It was a beautiful day for a drive though so we went a bit out of the way to visit Cave Of The Mounds. After a short video presentation (vintage 1990 VHS … Read more

Gibraltar Rock

Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area

Our short ferry ride across Lake Wisconsin was specifically because it’s the fastest way to reach Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area from the north.  This is also a section along the Ice Age Trail. The trail is mainly pine and cedar but has a wide variation depending on where you are.  Trails today were quite … Read more

Merrimac Ferry

Merrimac Ferry - Crossing Lake Wisconsin

Leaving Parfreys Glen we took the free Merrimac Ferry across Lake Wisconsin.  Weather was nearly perfect with some sun & fluffy clouds.  The water is very deep & dark blue in color here. Nearby you can see the old railroad bridge that crosses the lake/river.  Not much time to take photos but it was a … Read more

Parfreys Glen

Parfreys Glen State Natural Area - Parfreys Glen Falls

No more taking chances – our next destination was a surefire 5-star hiking and waterfall experience at the beloved Parfreys Glen State Natural Area.  We arrived relatively early and even got parking inside the parking lot (and not down the street!). The trail is a 1.1 mile in & out hike that starts very easy … Read more

Lake Redstone Falls

Lake Redstone Falls - Falls/Spillway

First stop on the morning of the 26th was another coin-flip chance at a waterfall located at Lake Redstone in LaValle, Wisconsin.  Absolutely zero people were here on arrival around 8am and the lake was mirror still. A large flat mound that looks like a dam / man-made feature?  Hmm thats strange, I was told … Read more

Witches Gulch

Dells of the Wisconsin River - Witches Gulch

After failing to see the falls from our earlier hike I wasn’t going to be defeated.  Today was perfect weather for a boat ride so we hopped on the Dells Boat Tour for a 2 hour trip. Cliff views here in the Dells of the Wisconsin River are pretty amazing.  Lots of rare features that … Read more

Dells of the Wisconsin River

Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area - Green Shelf Fungi

Our next hike was another 50/50 shot – this time we are trying to see the waterfalls at Witches Gulch from above without paying the $30 boat tour costs.  Trail head can be found north of Chula Vista resort on River Road and is simply labeled on maps as “Dells of the Wisconsin River“. No … Read more