Fleet Foxes @ Chicago Theatre

Got lucky and scored tickets months ago to see Fleet Foxes at the Chicago Theatre.  First balcony booth seats with a table and waiter service thanks to an awesome pre-sale deal.

Opening band Nap Eyes was OK if nothing else.  Super chill sleepy-time music.  Guess it’s not just a clever name?

Fleet Foxes went on around 8:45pm and played almost 2 hours.  Encore included Robin playing a solo tribue of “I Won’t Back Down” in honor of Tom Petty’s passing.  We unanimously agreed this was one of the best shows we had ever seen. Full setlist here.

Super hard to take photos with a phone camera but it’s all I got.  Still get some cool effects from the low-light, almost like washed out oil paintings or early 2000’s crappy Photoshop effects.

To end the night we walked around near the river and harassed the locals.  Here’s Jon getting the digits for some booty.  Beavis and his 15-pack aren’t down for that.

Lat = 41.8852692 , Long = -87.6276703 -- Show at Google Maps

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