Packers vs. Bears @ Lambeau Field

Back in December of 2013 during normal Christmas festivities, my Aunt Phyllis said “These presents are great everyone, but you know what would be better?  A Packers game!”  We were used to hearing the same thing every year, and rolling our eyes in response.  However this year would be different I told myself.  So during Easter dinner, we told everyone that its time to pack up your cold weather gear because we are headed to Lambeau for a Packers/Bears game!  Aunt Phyllis cried many happy tears that day.

Several months later with all the ladies bundled up like that kid in A Christmas Story we made our way to our seats near the top of the stadium in the newly remodeled South End Zone area (got these seats because they have arm rests and backs to help with their comfort).  The air was crisp but bearable to start the night, and although by the end wind chills were in the 20’s, the action on the field kept us very warm (except Nicole, she is a Bears fan).  Rodgers with 6TD before halftime and Cutler was…well…Cutler.

Final score?  Packers 55 – Bears 14.  Watch the highlights here.  Go Pack Go!

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