Chiricahua National Monument – Sunset at Massai Point

Chiricahua National Monument - Sunset at Massai Point

Light was fading fast after hiking Sugarloaf Mountain so I drove just up to the end of Bonita Canyon Drive where it dead ends at the Massai Point Overlook. Many trails begin (or end) here and it’s quite a large parking lot offering near 360-degree views although not quite as unobstructed. Had a quick dinner … Read more

Chiricahua National Monument – Sugarloaf Mountain Trail

Chiricahua National Monument - Golden hour views from Sugarloaf Mountain trail

Might be a few days behind schedule but I finally made it to Chiricahua National Monument for actual hiking & exploration. To start the afternoon I slowed down a bit and just cruised through the park getting a lay of the land & soaking in the amazing scenery.  Eventually I booked a campsite and then … Read more

Coronado National Memorial

Coronado National Memorial - Amazing views at Montezuma Pass

Leaving the Gila Cliff Dwellings took longer than expected (as usual) and I had no choice but to spent last night in Benson, AZ (at the same hotel as before) so I could make the best decision on how to use my last few days of time. Weather is perfect so all options were open. … Read more

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Kartchner Caverns State Park - View outside the cavern entrance from afar

Weather once again killed any chance I had for hikes. The drive back from Tombstone to Benson switched between rain and sun depending which cloud was overhead at the time. It’s a flat drive with no danger like going up the mountains so I found it enjoyable to watch the drama unfold across the sky … Read more

Tombstone Historic District

Tombstone Historic District - Gunfight show at the O.K. Corral

In addition to my previous posts on the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park and the Bird Cage Theatre, here are some other sights & attractions that can be found in Tombstone’s Historic District (around Allen and Toughnut Streets). Wild West Street Scenes If you drift into a strange western town on a rainy, cloudy, early … Read more

Tombstone’s Bird Cage Theatre

Tombstone's Bird Cage Theatre - Exterior View

As I wandered the streets of Tombstone on an early Monday morning it was becoming clear not many businesses were open yet. Aside from the courthouse and a couple souvenier stores the only place open was the Bird Cage Theatre. I didn’t know anything about it beforehand but oh boy was I in for a … Read more

Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park

Tombstone Courthouse - Hanging gallows and jail cell

Weather forecast today was about the same or worse than yesterday so I skipped over opportunities for hikes. Instead, I decided to check out a throwback to the wild west era: the city of Tombstone, Arizona. More of this will be covered in subsequent posts but my first stop was the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic … Read more

Chiricahua National Monument – First Attempt 2019

Storm clouds forming over Chiricahua Mountains

Spent the night in Sierra Vista, Arizona hanging out with my Dad who was on his own mini motorcycle vacation. Headed out in the morning with intention of visiting Coronado National Monument but it was windy, drizzling, and threatening rain all morning. Instead I decided to spend most of the day driving east-northeast. Passed through … Read more

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum - Sunset over the desert

Winter weekends in Tucson apparently bring everyone out to play and crowds were swarming today. I left Saguaro N.P. because trails were packed and it was the same story at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Came here because I wanted to finally see a rattlesnake and mountain lion in person, and because everywhere I went people … Read more

Saguaro National Park (West)

Saguaro National Park - View of the mountains and petroglyphs from atop Signal Hill

Had enough of the Phoenix area for a while so I started heading east. Ended up at Saguaro National Park, West Section (Tucson Mountain District) which is of course in Tucson, Arizona. Weather was a perfect 72°F and partly sunny, however I forgot it was a Saturday which means National Parks regardless of location are … Read more