Willow River State Park – Willow River Spillway

Willow River Spillway - View from below/side

After years of waiting, the dam at Willow River State Park has been rebuilt and the far west area of the park is re-opened. I have been trying to access this spot for a long time as supposedly there are rapids below the previous dam that were quite nice. Access is now very easy via … Read more

Osceola Bedrock Glades Falls

Osceola Bedrock Glades Falls - Looking downstream standing next to main stretch of falls/rapids

Trying to squeeze in one last stop today as the sun was falling low on the horizon, I stopped at the trailhead for the Ridge View Trail: Osceola Loop in Osceola, Wisconsin. This is easy to find on River Road / County S and there is a small parking lot that holds maybe 10 vehicles. … Read more

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls - Zoomed view through trees from a distance

After having little to no plan for the day, I found the winds of adventure carried me back to Osceola, Wisconsin with a chance to find a falls I missed in the past. That begins at the Standing Cedars Buffalo Skull Tract, part of the Standing Cedars Community Land Conservancy. Last visit I was concerned … Read more

New Richmond Falls & Spillway

New Richmond Falls - Small rapids that stretch across the Willow River

It’s been a productive day and I’m already on my 5th stop of the morning. I took a short nap in the truck, and then found myself in New Richmond, Wisconsin which I had never been through before. Apparently there is a small falls/rapids downstream of a spillway so I figured we could check that … Read more

Birch Creek Falls

Keil Birch Creek Preserve - Cascade style falls along Birch Creek

After visiting many falls across the state it isn’t often I get to see a new place without much detail about it found on the internet. Thanks to a tip from Bob at waterfallswisconsin.com I found myself at Kiel Birch Creek Nature Preserve & State Natural Area in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Supposedly there are some nice … Read more

Big Falls (Seymour) from East Shore

Big Falls (Seymour) from East Shore - Main falls long exposure

My strange day continued, though it has been somewhat productive. I tried to find a falls at a nearby lake but ended up at a totally different park by a river only to find my GPS pin was wrong. Then I drove through Rusk County trying to find another more secluded falls but it was … Read more

Buckley Falls

Buckley Falls – Multiple small falls/rapids along the creek

This morning marks day 12 of the trip and things were getting a little weird. Woke up and showered before going out to explore because I just couldn’t stand my own smell any longer. Boots were still wet because humidity was high and they just won’t dry out. Lots of fog on the roads early … Read more

Pattison State Park – Little Manitou Falls (2021)

Pattison State Park – Little Manitou Falls

The first time I visited Pattison State Park in 2018, it was immediately following some huge thunderstorms that destroyed many roads and trails, including the area downstream of Little Manitou Falls. Several years later, the trails are open again and I can now hike to see more of the park. Leaf colors are reaching peak … Read more

Pattison State Park – Big Manitou Falls (2021)

Big Manitou Falls – Long exposure view from far platform on north side of river

I awoke a bit groggy from an unlevel campsite and my boots are still sopping wet from yesterday’s expeditions, but the weather Gods are smiling upon me and it’s perfect fall conditions for hiking today. In the interest of time I drove to the Big Manitou Falls parking area off E County Road B and … Read more

Shale Falls

Shale Falls - Named a "falls" but is in fact a Class I rapids

My final stop today was in Brule, Wisconsin, and the goal was to settle a score and make it to Shale Falls where I had failed in the past. Knowing now there are no formal trails and you just have to bushwhack towards the river, I was as ready as I’d ever be. Will I … Read more