WI June ’23 Off-Roading

WI June ’23 Off-Roading

Joined up with some friends from the Tacoma World forums for a quick weekend trip. Started by camping near Mountain, WI in the National Forest. Weather was excellent and bugs were not bad at all for this time of year. Didn’t take too many photos because we were just enjoying the drive. Tried to sneak … Read more

Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail – BRF to Picnic Point

My Tacoma on the ice & snow covered trail between large log piles (photo courtesy of my friend Jonathan)

I’m not sure how or why it came to be reality, but for some reason our Tacoma crew decided it would be smart to try a winter outing. In February. In Wisconsin. And it was a good idea! Well mostly aside from the frozen camping. Read on for more details! Day 1: Main Trail Drive … Read more

WI Pipeline Off-Roading (June ’22)

Tacoma Off-roading - Overhead drone shot of the group (photo credit Camerasandcoffee of Tacoma World)

Back in summer of 2020 I bought a Toyota Tacoma with the intention of being able to explore deeper into places that my other cars & small SUVs wouldn’t allow. After over a year of maintenance, planning, and building it up I was able to join a group from the Tacoma World forums on a … Read more

Big Spring Creek (2022)

Big Spring Creek - Spring water cascading down the rocks

My turkey hunt was going nowhere fast today. After striking out at Governor Dodge State Park I fueled up, took a short midday nap, and drove around in search of new public lands with favorable terrain. Along the way I ended up at a familiar destination at Big Springs Fishery Area in Highland, Wisconsin. Here’s … Read more

Osceola Bedrock Glades Falls

Osceola Bedrock Glades Falls - Looking downstream standing next to main stretch of falls/rapids

Trying to squeeze in one last stop today as the sun was falling low on the horizon, I stopped at the trailhead for the Ridge View Trail: Osceola Loop in Osceola, Wisconsin. This is easy to find on River Road / County S and there is a small parking lot that holds maybe 10 vehicles. … Read more

Shale Falls

Shale Falls - Named a "falls" but is in fact a Class I rapids

My final stop today was in Brule, Wisconsin, and the goal was to settle a score and make it to Shale Falls where I had failed in the past. Knowing now there are no formal trails and you just have to bushwhack towards the river, I was as ready as I’d ever be. Will I … Read more

Little Sioux River Falls (2021 Partial Attempt)

Little Sioux River Falls attempt 2021 - Section of large boulders across the river forming a falls/rapids

Weather today started a little bit cranky but thankfully it stopped drizzling, winds calmed, and temperatures remained quite comfortable. I spent the better part of the morning in Washburn drinking coffee and waiting to make a decision on what to try next. The nearest location is known as Little Sioux River Falls but to my … Read more

Spring Brook Lower Falls & Rapids

Spring Brook Lower Rapids - The rocky rapids continue and so does the amazing autumn scenery

After visiting the beautiful Spring Brook Falls, I traveled just a short distance back up Spring Brook Road and parked in a wide spot on the shoulder. Thanks to my friend Bob at waterfallswisconsin.com I had been given intel of another possible falls/rapids downstream about a mile in a more remote part of the Chequamegon-Nicolet … Read more

Spring Brook Falls

Spring Brook Falls - Fourth falls (main) direct view long exposure

After my small detour at the Brunsweiler River, I drove just a bit further up Spring Brook Road, parked at a tiny spot that only fits two vehicles, and made my way through the woods to find Spring Brook Falls. Once upon a time there was a sign post at the trail head but the … Read more

Brunsweiler River Rapids at Spring Brook Road

Brunsweiler Rapids - End of the rock garden cascading down

I was having a great time driving through parts of the Nicolet-Chequamegon National Forest and nearing my next destination when I spotted something under a bridge and got sidetracked. The warm temperatures meant I had the windows down for fresh air, and as I crossed a bridge it struck me immediately: “I hear moving water!” … Read more