December Falls

Devil's Lake State Park - December Falls

Ironically the terrible rainy weather created perfect conditions to visit an ephemeral waterfall called December Falls (sometimes referred to as Roznos Falls). I visited on both Saturday & Sunday and as you can see 1 inch of rain makes a big difference. To find the falls, hike north on the Ice Age Trail / East … Read more

Interstate State Park – Part 2

Interstate State Park - Horizon Rock Trail / Ice Age Trail segment

Midday detours were complete and I was back at Interstate State Park for part 2 of my visit.  Goal for the afternoon was to hike all the remaining trails which I was able to complete minus one or two small connecting paths. Eagle Peak Trail Starting from my campsite, I walked through the parking area … Read more

Interstate State Park – Part 1

Interstate State Park - Ice Age Trail western terminus overlooking St. Croix River

Yesterday I arrived at Interstate State Park, setup camp, and almost immediately set off searching for waterfalls in the surrounding area.  Not quite sure I did it in that order, just a habit when I’m camping at a site for multiple nights my first day is always getting the “lay of the land”.  Weather was a … Read more