Frontier Bar & Campground

Frontier Bar & Campground - Fish Fry and a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet

I stayed at Potato River Falls nearly until dark and hadn’t planned a campsite – not an oversight, just didn’t expect to take that long (but it was worth it). Although I could have just camped there at a primitive site, I badly needed a shower from the hot temperatures. Lucky for me there were … Read more

Potato River Falls – Lower Trail (2021)

Potato River Lower Rapids - Long rock garden

After hiking the entire upper falls trail and running out of drinking water in the process, I took a short break at the parking lot for a refill and some snacks. I was able to get a small bit of cell signal and confirmed the rain was done for the afternoon. Time to continue down … Read more

Willard Falls & Rapids (2021)

Willard Falls - Aerial view

Continuing upstream from Potato River Falls, I followed the foot-worn trails until reaching the campsites and the trail head towards Willard Falls. I’ve been down this way before, but today I had more knowledge of the area and was determined to find the actual falls that I missed before. The trail isn’t very long and … Read more

Potato River Falls – Upper Trail (2021)

Potato River Falls - Upper Falls Long Exposure

Today marks the 1 week point of the trip. Weather was hot for the season with highs reaching into the 80’s and rain was imminent. I woke late because my alarm didn’t work or I just slept through it from being tired. Since I lost some time in the early morning, I decided to focus … Read more

Wren Falls Lower

Wren Falls Lower

Last stop of the day is for what is being called Wren Falls Lower – another small waterfall a ways downstream from the main Wren Falls. This one isn’t marked on the maps but you can see it on overhead Google Earth views. I parked in the only wide spot off Wren Falls Trail road … Read more

Wren Falls (2021)

Wren Falls long exposure

Another stop in Iron County, and another location that I hadn’t fully explored on my last trip. Wren Falls sure had a lot of new things to show me today compared to what I saw in the summer of 2019. Weather was perfect and colors right now are near peak – can’t think of a … Read more

Foster Falls (2021)

Foster Falls - Long Exposure

My plans for the day were completed ahead of schedule which left the afternoon open for exploration. I had already visited Foster Falls back in 2019 but that was from the east side which is limited due to the viewing angles and places to stand. This time I’m heading in on the west side of … Read more

Tyler Forks Dells Falls

Tyler Forks Dells Falls - Long Exposure

My main destination for today was a spot called Tyler Forks Dells Falls, a series of rapids, falls, and cliffs. I visited back in 2019 but couldn’t find the trail, and couldn’t pull them up online as I had no reception. Today I had maps, cell service, warm temperatures, and nothing but time to explore. I … Read more

Hwy 77 Rapids

Hwy 77 Rapids

Quick stop in Upson, Wisconsin to check out some possible new features. Parking on the shoulder where Hwy 77 meets the Tyler Forks River, I launched the drone to do some exploration. Not far north off the highway is Hwy 77 Rapids, a small single chute-type drop. Right now it’s rather unspectacular, but notice the … Read more

Upson Falls (2021)

Upson Falls - Playing with long exposure

Weather forecast today was an unseasonably warm 80 degrees and I wanted a nice spot for lunch with some shade. It just so happened I was near Upson Community Park and today being a weekday meant it was completely deserted. I previously visited in July 2019 but sunlight was harsh that day, so this also … Read more