Foster Falls

Foster Falls

After spending lots of time driving & hiking to Copper Creek Falls my day was nearly over.  Still, I found just enough time to reach Foster Falls near Upson/Gurney, Wisconsin.  Overall this is fairly easy to reach via county forest roads and the hike is relatively short. The biggest challenge is jumping across several small … Read more

Rouse Falls

Rouse Falls - View below falls

Chasing another waterfall on Iron County Forest lands, this time at Rouse Falls.  Due to heavy overnight rains the tracks here are mostly mud so I opted for the mountain bike.  Pay close attention at the first fork in the road and STAY LEFT if you don’t like mud. I did not pay attention and … Read more

Wren Falls

Wren Falls

My first two stops this morning took considerable amounts of time.  For the afternoon I planned to circle back through Iron County and try some remote destinations.  First up is Wren Falls near Anderson/Saxon, Wisconsin.  You can drive up via fairly well graded forest roads and park several hundred yards down the hill.  There is … Read more

Tyler Forks Dells [Failed]

Tyler Forks Dells Falls [Failed]

Attempted Tyler Forks Dells Falls but failed with a capital F.  I did reach the parking area at the end of Moore Park Road but from there it kind of sputtered out.  Bushwhacking looked like one heck of a chore in July’s dense brush.  Temps were still around 90°F today and none of this looked … Read more

Upson Falls

Upson Falls

Another hidden falls in Iron County which isn’t surprising given that much of this area if covered in dense forest.  Upson Falls was my next stop and is very easily accessed via the city park & campground.  There’s even a small shelter for larger parties. Hiking from the shelter upstream you will find some smaller … Read more

Gile Falls

Gile Falls - Upper Falls Section

Quick stop but a surprisingly good one at Gile Falls in the very small mining neighborhood of Gile in Montreal, Wisconsin.  To be perfectly honest I’m not sure what parts of this area are private property or public (all the maps I find are in disagreement) but there are historic signs  for the Penokee Iron … Read more

Potato River Dalles

Potato River Dalles - Waterfall tunneling through rocks

Happy Independence Day!  Started off with a bang attempting a falls I missed in the past…only to find out now (March 2020) that I once again missed my target.  Not all is lost – I did find some very cool scenery! Willard Falls [Fail] Willard Falls is located directly upstream from Potato River Falls upper … Read more

Spring Camp Falls

Spring Camp Falls - Main falls view

One of the more remote waterfalls in Wisconsin can be found in Iron County at Spring Camp Falls.  Forest roads will get you most of the way, but the final “Falls Road” is combination sand box, swimming pool, and rocky road only accessible by 4×4 or quads.  Black flies were swarming today so I opted … Read more

Rice Lake Rapids

Rice Lake Rapids

Quick pit stop to visit Rice Lake Rapids (aka Rice Lake Falls) still on the Turtle River just upstream from where I was at Lake of the Falls.  Parking very quickly on the shoulder to take some pictures – please be mindful this is surrounded by private land and do not trespass. Upstream view of … Read more

Lake of the Falls

Lake of the Falls - Main falls views

Plans today went sideways in a hurry.  Intended to camp at Beaver Lake near Marengo but the black flies were overwhelming.  Spent lots of time driving in search of campsites and ended up at Copper Falls State Park ecstatic they had one open site left.  Rain would take over in the evening but I’ll save … Read more