Osceola Bedrock Glades Falls

Osceola Bedrock Glades Falls - Looking downstream standing next to main stretch of falls/rapids

Trying to squeeze in one last stop today as the sun was falling low on the horizon, I stopped at the trailhead for the Ridge View Trail: Osceola Loop in Osceola, Wisconsin. This is easy to find on River Road / County S and there is a small parking lot that holds maybe 10 vehicles. … Read more

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls - Zoomed view through trees from a distance

After having little to no plan for the day, I found the winds of adventure carried me back to Osceola, Wisconsin with a chance to find a falls I missed in the past. That begins at the Standing Cedars Buffalo Skull Tract, part of the Standing Cedars Community Land Conservancy. Last visit I was concerned … Read more

Cascade Falls / Geiger Falls

Cascade Falls

After this morning’s ~4 mi. hike it was time for a lunch break.  I decided to venture outside the park in search of more waterfalls (and a burrito at a place called Poco Loco).  Next stop was Cascade Falls in Osceola, Wisconsin.  History lesson: the town was named after Osceola, leader of the Seminole resistance … Read more

Fails of the Fifth: Three Strikes

Little Falls Lake Rapids failed

Packed up camp at Pattison State Park and hit the road in search of new hiking and waterfalls.  Today started off with more of a whimper than a bang with three complete failures.  Why am I sharing this?  Definitely not for the (lack of) photos, that’s for sure.  Mainly to show that even in failure … Read more