Potosi Point

Potosi Point - Bald eagle flying back towards shore with a fresh fish catch

The endpoint of this weekend’s group expedition was at Potosi Point, a small peninsula that sticks out into the Mississippi River and has a small boat launch at the end. Our group of Toyotas broke into two groups to start the day to keep our length on the trails manageable. Group #1 arrived first and … Read more

Wyalusing State Park – Wisconsin Ridge Campground

Wyalusing Wisconsin Ridge Campground - View across the Wisconsin River valley

Went on a weekend trip with my friends from the Tacoma World forums. Home base was the Wisconsin Ridge Campground at Wyalusing State Park in Bagley, Wisconsin. We had most of the sites in the 140-150 range looking down along the Wisconsin River valley. Here’s my site – I parked all the way behind the … Read more

Willow River Spillway

Willow River Spillway - View from below/side

After years of waiting, the dam at Willow River State Park has been rebuilt and the far west area of the park is re-opened. I have been trying to access this spot for a long time as supposedly there are rapids below the previous dam that were quite nice. Access is now very easy via … Read more

Birch Creek Falls

Keil Birch Creek Preserve - Cascade style falls along Birch Creek

After visiting many falls across the state it isn’t often I get to see a new place without much detail about it found on the internet. Thanks to a tip from Bob at waterfallswisconsin.com I found myself at Kiel Birch Creek Nature Preserve & State Natural Area in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Supposedly there are some nice … Read more

Big Falls (Seymour) from East Shore

Big Falls (Seymour) from East Shore - Main falls long exposure

My strange day continued, though it has been somewhat productive. I tried to find a falls at a nearby lake but ended up at a totally different park by a river only to find my GPS pin was wrong. Then I drove through Rusk County trying to find another more secluded falls but it was … Read more

Shale Falls

Shale Falls - Named a "falls" but is in fact a Class I rapids

My final stop today was in Brule, Wisconsin, and the goal was to settle a score and make it to Shale Falls where I had failed in the past. Knowing now there are no formal trails and you just have to bushwhack towards the river, I was as ready as I’d ever be. Will I … Read more

Little Sioux River Falls (2021 Partial Attempt)

Little Sioux River Falls attempt 2021 - Section of large boulders across the river forming a falls/rapids

Weather today started a little bit cranky but thankfully it stopped drizzling, winds calmed, and temperatures remained quite comfortable. I spent the better part of the morning in Washburn drinking coffee and waiting to make a decision on what to try next. The nearest location is known as Little Sioux River Falls but to my … Read more

White River Falls

White River Park - White River Falls

My boots were soaking wet from water crossings at Spring Brook Lower Rapids, I was nearly out of sunlight for the day, and I had yet to determine where I was sleeping tonight. That’s about par for the course on my trips. As I left the National Forest area, I found myself near the town … Read more

Potato River Falls – Lower Trail (2021)

Potato River Lower Rapids - Long rock garden

After hiking the entire upper falls trail and running out of drinking water in the process, I took a short break at the parking lot for a refill and some snacks. I was able to get a small bit of cell signal and confirmed the rain was done for the afternoon. Time to continue down … Read more

Willard Falls & Rapids (2021)

Willard Falls - Aerial view

Continuing upstream from Potato River Falls, I followed the foot-worn trails until reaching the campsites and the trail head towards Willard Falls. I’ve been down this way before, but today I had more knowledge of the area and was determined to find the actual falls that I missed before. The trail isn’t very long and … Read more