Red River Falls

Red River Falls

Found this small “falls” by accident while leaving the Shawano area. You can find it directly east of the Red River Tavern on County Road A as the road crosses the Red River. Not a particularly spectacular natural feature but I can’t find either of these on the various waterfall sites I visit so I’m … Read more

Little Bull Falls (Shawano)

Little Bull Falls (Shawano) - Aerial photo with Mavic 2 Zoom

Spring was turning to summer and the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing. Decided to make my way into the woods and away from people…or so I thought? Parking lot at Gilmer Falls was nearly full, tons of people taking advantage of the good weather and swimming & picnicking at the river today. Not surprising … Read more

Duncan Creek Rapids

Duncan Creek Rapids - Upstream view from bridge at Columbia Street

Another quick stop in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin at Duncan Creek Rapids. This one is very easy to access right from the bridge on Columbia Street just off WI-124.  The downstream views aren’t very exciting but there are smaller riffles for quite some distance. Upstream of the bridge is the real feature – several substantial rapids … Read more

Lake Wissota Rapids

Lake Wissota Rapids

Today was a bit less eventful due to the long drive & strong thunderstorms but I still squeezed in a few neat places.  First one was at Lake Wissota Rapids in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Access is quite easy through the Chippewa County Riverview Reserve / Area 178 nature park trails. Alongside the trail are some … Read more

Keshena Falls

Keshena Falls - Main falls view

My journey today is now carrying me into Menominee County through the Menominee Indian (Native American) reservation.  Next destination is Keshena Falls, an amazing waterfall & rapids on the Wolf River. A small bridge allows the road to cross the largest rapids.  The river gets very wide in this spot and splits around a central … Read more

Gilmer Falls

Gilmer Falls - Looking downstream above main falls

Welcome to the start of my July road trip circling the state of Wisconsin!  First stop is at Gilmers Falls (aka as Ziemers Falls) on the Red River in Gresham, Wisconsin.  Access is very easy by hiking down a very short slope from a dirt parking area. Swarms of White Admiral butterflies were sunning themselves … Read more

Lake Mead – White Owl Canyon

Lake Mead - Slot Canyon on the Owl Canyon Trail

After touring Hoover Dam I didn’t have any more set plans so I decided to visit the Lake Mead National Recreation Area visitor center and see what I could find.  Took a short lunch break at Boulder Beach which already has some amazing scenery. Park staff turned me towards a hike at Owl Canyon, a … Read more

Joshua Tree – Lost Horse Mine

Joshua Tree - Trees on Lost Horse Loop

As I completed hikes I was crossing them off my paper map which was now covered in a fair amount of X’s.  The big hike for today was to Lost Horse Mine / Lost Horse Loop trail for a 6.5 mile ass kicking. The trail starts and immediately climbs but has a gentle ascent that … Read more

Joshua Tree – Ryan Mountain

Joshua Tree - Views From Atop Ryan Mountain

No time to waste today, weekend crowds would surely be crazy so it’s time to get on the trails ASAP.  First stop is Ryan Mountain, a small peak popular for it’s 360° panoramic views. The trail is about 1.5 miles each way but climbs about 1000 feet in that span.  Most of the trail is … Read more

Joshua Tree – Belle Sunrise

Joshua Tree - Sunrise from Belle Campground

No star photos last night (overcast skies) but I did catch an awesome sunrise from camp this morning.  Not much else to say – this is what makes my trips worth the effort. After my nutritious breakfast of coffee and Pop Tarts I broke down camp and headed out for some final hiking.  Stay tuned, … Read more