Lead Free Shotgun Patterning @ McMiller Sports Center

McMiller Sports Center - Fancy-pants Instagram photoshoot at shotgun patterning range

During winter I applied & was successfully awarded a tag for spring turkey hunting in Wisconsin. Now that spring was knocking on the door it was time to sort out my gear. I’ve never hunted turkey before so this was all new but an exciting challenge to embark on. The more daunting task was trying … Read more

mewithoutYou @ Concord Music Hall

Concord Music Hall - mewithoutYou

Was able to see my favorite band mewithoutYou again January 2020 at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, IL during Thrice’s 15 year anniversary tour for the album “Vheissu”. Venue has a no camera policy so everything was taken in potato vision from my iPhone 8. Best photo was before the show during sound checks when … Read more

Little Falls (Winter, WI)

Little Falls (Winter, Wisconsin)

Heading out from Interstate State Park today heading eastbound (I had to book my trip this way due to uncertainty from the heavy rains & flooding along the Mississippi).  Today would be spent mostly on the highway with 5 hours of driving.  First stop to break up the day was Little Falls in Winter, Wisconsin. … Read more

Death Valley – Texas Springs Pt. 2

Death Valley - Stars over Texas Springs campground

Back at Texas Springs campground for one more night.  Tomorrow I had planned to check out a backcountry campsite but as usual plans change (more on that later).  Tent held up well until around midnight when the winds kicked up an started gusting to 40mph.  I was only able to pound 6 stakes and my … Read more

Death Valley – Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Death Valley - Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Awoke before sunrise ready to stretch my legs a bit.  The park newspaper gave suggestions for ideal sunrise viewing and I chose Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.  Left the campground and started my drive. Mountains encapsulate the area in all directions like a bowl.  Besides one couple, I was the only other early bird here.  You can … Read more

Death Valley – Zabriskie Point

Death Valley - Sunset at Zabriskie Point

After leaving Artists Drive I didn’t have much daylight left but it still felt too early to call it a day.  What to do next?  A quick read of the park’s newspaper pointed me to Zabriskie Point which they claim is the best place to watch both sunrise & sunset in all of Death Valley. … Read more

Death Valley – Artists Drive

Death Valley - Elevated view from short hiking trail

Generally when I take these last-minute trips where I’ve done little to no planning, my first destination is always something “easy” to get things started.  Today that location was Artists Drive which is located only about 10 miles south from the campground. (Important: Don’t forget to click the photos for a full-size image!) Located in … Read more