Wisconsin River Overland Tour

Wisconsin River Overland Tour - Tacoma glamor shots

Leaving Wyalusing and heading home, a few of us decided to take an alternate route called the Wisconsin River Overland Tour, or WROT for short. It was shared to us by a TacomaWorld forum member but was un-verified by anyone in our group, and there isn’t much info about it online. A couple of the … Read more

Wyalusing State Park – Wisconsin Ridge Campground

Wyalusing Wisconsin Ridge Campground - View across the Wisconsin River valley

Went on a weekend trip with my friends from the Tacoma World forums. Home base was the Wisconsin Ridge Campground at Wyalusing State Park in Bagley, Wisconsin. We had most of the sites in the 140-150 range looking down along the Wisconsin River valley. Here’s my site – I parked all the way behind the … Read more

Gibraltar Rock

Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area

Our short ferry ride across Lake Wisconsin was specifically because it’s the fastest way to reach Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area from the north.  This is also a section along the Ice Age Trail. The trail is mainly pine and cedar but has a wide variation depending on where you are.  Trails today were quite … Read more

Merrimac Ferry

Merrimac Ferry - Crossing Lake Wisconsin

Leaving Parfreys Glen we took the free Merrimac Ferry across Lake Wisconsin.  Weather was nearly perfect with some sun & fluffy clouds.  The water is very deep & dark blue in color here. Nearby you can see the old railroad bridge that crosses the lake/river.  Not much time to take photos but it was a … Read more

Witches Gulch

Dells of the Wisconsin River - Witches Gulch

After failing to see the falls from our earlier hike I wasn’t going to be defeated.  Today was perfect weather for a boat ride so we hopped on the Dells Boat Tour for a 2 hour trip. Cliff views here in the Dells of the Wisconsin River are pretty amazing.  Lots of rare features that … Read more

Dells of the Wisconsin River

Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area - Green Shelf Fungi

Our next hike was another 50/50 shot – this time we are trying to see the waterfalls at Witches Gulch from above without paying the $30 boat tour costs.  Trail head can be found north of Chula Vista resort on River Road and is simply labeled on maps as “Dells of the Wisconsin River“. No … Read more

Ferry Bluff State Natural Area

Ferry Bluff State Natural Area - Views Across the Wisconsin River

Another quick, short hike with extremely rewarding views is at Ferry Bluff State Natural Area.  Recent rains had water levels high and bugs were mildly annoying but if you hike fast enough there’s no issue. Another view looking the other direction across the Wisconsin River.  Some of the best scenery in the state right here.  … Read more

Council Grounds State Park

Council Grounds State Park - Sunset across the Wisconsin River

After another hour driving, home for tonight is Council Grounds State Park.  Thankfully this park is smaller and can be done in about an afternoon.  I wasted no time setting up camp before setting out on the trails. Big Pines Nature Trail -> Unmarked Trail -> Red Trail Right from the campgrounds you can hop … Read more

Grandfather Falls

Grandfather Falls - Merrill, WI

Decided to keep chasing waterfalls (no, I’m not doing that intentionally).  Next stop was Grandfather Falls in Merrill, WI.  Like many of the other state parks and popular destinations, this site also crosses with the Ice Age Trail – something I would like to section hike but that’s far in the future. The falls are … Read more

Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park - From below the sandstone at Big Sand Cave

Next stop on my freestyle adventure was Wyalusing State Park in Bagley, WI.  Located in the far southwestern corner of the state, this location is unique as it overlooks the confluence of the Wisconsin River into the Mississippi River.  The state of Iowa is also visible from the bluffs.  Weather was still very grey and … Read more