Tech: Photography

Place for me to keep photography gear info. I forget to update this often.

Main Kit

Sony α6400 E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor (April 2019; BestBuy)
Sony E 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens (November 2019, eBay. Daily run & gun do-it-all lens)
Samyang SY12M-E-BK 12mm F2.0 lens (February 2018; Amazon. Main use is astrophotography)
Vello ShutterBoss II Timer Remote Switch for Sony Multi-Terminal (May 2018; Amazon)
Sony RMSPR1 manual remote shutter control (September 2016; Amazon)
Ravelli lightweight tripod (March 2013; Amazon)

Apple iPhone 13 Pro 256GB in graphite (October 2021; BestBuy)
DJI OM 5 smartphone gimbal (October 2021; BestBuy)

DJI Osmo Action 4 (August 2023; BestBuy)
GoPro Hero7 Black (June 2019; BestBuy)

Drones/sUAV gear

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
Freewell variable ND filter 2-filter kit
Mavmount smartphone controller mount
Anker 1ft USB to Lightning short cable
Polarpro carrying case, gimbal cover, and landing feet

Seldom Used Items

Sony 16-50mm OSS kit lens (came with both a5000 and a6400 cameras)
Sony 55-210mm OSS kit lens (February 2018; eBay)
Jobi 1K Gorillapod (August 2018; BestBuy)
i.Trek Super Mount Metal Smartphone Tripod Adapter (May 2013; Amazon)

Retired Gear

Sony Alpha a5000 mirrorless 3/4 DSLR camera (July 2016; Craigslist)
Case Logic MSEC-4 case (July 2016; Craigslist came with a5000 camera)
iPhone 8 64GB (December 2018 – October 2021)
Google Pixel 2 (August 2018 – November 2018)
Eken H9R action camera (circa 2018, cheap junk)
iPhone 6s (August 2016 – August 2018)
iPhone 5 (~December 2013? – October 2018)
HTC Evo 4G (circa 2010 or 2011, don’t recall but wasn’t around for long)
Fujifilm FinePix F470 (Pre-2013 going back a long way)
LG CU920 (circa 2010, temporary phone that sucked)
Fujifilm FinePix A210 (unknown, very old)
Kodac DC3200 (ancient and primitive)

General Photography Tips & Tricks

Understanding ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture – A Beginner’s Guide (Found on Reddit)
AndrewSkurka: Buyer’s Guide – Backpacking Cameras
Reddit: Sunrise/Sunset tips and tricks


LonelySpeck: How to Photograph the Milky Way
LonelySpeck: How to Process Milky Way Astrophotography in Adobe Lightroom (YouTube video)

How to find the Milky Way
Light Pollution Map
TimeAndDate Astronomy calculators
HikingProject: How to photograph stars
NFF: 9 Tips to enjoythe night sky in National Forests
GaiaGPS: How to Photograph the Night Sky

Stacking images – check out Deep Sky Stacker (DSS) and Sequator software

Other Links