2013 Detroit, MI Vacation

My friend Joe and I decided to spend Turkey Day on the road this year, and what better place to go than sunny Detroit, MI!  Well, we didn’t go for the weather.  Instead the main goal was to catch both a Redwings and Packers game in 2 days time.  Drove out to decent weather, but once around the lake into MI territory there was a crazy blizzard.  Thankfully Joe was sleeping and didn’t help me at all with navigation.  Anyways we got into town just in time to dump our gear in the hotel and watch the Wings destroy the Bruins 6-1.  Molson tallboys at the Joe were only $7, good times.

More to come later, may break up into several posts.

Lat = 42.3314285 , Long = -83.0457535 -- Show at Google Maps

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