Joe’s KC Bar-B-Que

Sorry no post for Amarillo, but for real it didn’t deserve one.  Nothing to see on the way through Oklahoma or most of Kansas either besides large fields of nothingness.  Possibly one of the most boring drives ever. I-435 in Kansas City may also be the worst road I have driven in the dark – no lights and construction across 7 lanes or so it seemed.  Whatever sadist engineered this Rube Goldberg fiasco should be hung.

Made it to Kansas City (both Kansas and Missouri sides) and checked in to my hotel.  First order of business?  Barbeque of course!  On suggestion from locals, headed to Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.  Google and Yelp also agreed this is the place in KC to go.  Nice girl at the counter suggested if there is one thing to get it’s the Z-Man sandwich which is smoked brisket with provolone and crunchy onion rings.  I arrived with only minutes to spare before closing and glad I did – this may have been the best brisket I will ever eat in my life.  BBQ sauce was also killer.  Gratuitous hipster-esque foodie pics below.

Lat = 38.9153 , Long = -94.63927 -- Show at Google Maps

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