Death Valley – Zabriskie Point

After leaving Artists Drive I didn’t have much daylight left but it still felt too early to call it a day.  What to do next?  A quick read of the park’s newspaper pointed me to Zabriskie Point which they claim is the best place to watch both sunrise & sunset in all of Death Valley.

Small groups of people came & left while the sun perched above the horizon, thinning considerably as the sky turned from blue to orange.  Temperatures fell quickly but were still comfortably in the 50’s.

I alternated taking photos on my iPhone 6s (everything above) and my larger Sony a-5000 (below).  Whereas the iPhone does it’s own image processing causing quality loss, the Sony and it’s “real” lens allows for more fine details.

To be perfectly honest none of that matters – this is a beautiful and unique place to visit. (Don’t forget, click images for larger versions – for this set it really makes a difference!)

One final look before I head to camp.  Bedtime?  Not even close – the stars are about to wake up!

Hiking Data

No real hiking to report here, but it is a small climb to the main viewpoint.  There is also a hiking loop that goes from here all the way through Golden Canyon but is longer than I allowed for today.  Would definitely come back and explore the rest.

Lat = 36.4200668 , Long = -116.812233 -- Show at Google Maps

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