Mirror Lake State Park

After leaving Iowa, I headed back towards central Wisconsin. My initial thought was to hit up Devils Lake, but after finding swarms of people & lack of camping I decided this was a bad idea for my spontaneous agenda. Drove around for a while searching for smaller lesser-known areas but my cell service cut out and my road atlas didn’t give enough details.

As a fallback, I headed to Mirror Lake State Park in hopes of getting a site. Luckily there were multiple spots open and I chose one with a view through the tree canopy hoping to see the stars. I set up camp, then took some time to relax with some cheese curds and Spotted Cow.

Northwest Trail

Once rested, I ventured out and hiked the majority of the Northwest Trail in a counter-clockwise direction. There were only a handful of inclines that were moderately intense and no other hikers were around which was extremely peaceful.  At the end of my loop I bumped two small fawns that stared at me with curiosity but bounded away a split moment before I could click the shutter – maybe next time.

That night, the skies were clear and dark.  Through the trees from my tent, I had a direct view of the big dipper.  Tried to get it on camera, but appears I forgot how to do this (maybe it only works in the western skies?).  Still sharing my badly blurred pics because it’s part of my journey and still a somewhat cool effect.

Lat = 43.5693893 , Long = -89.805687 -- Show at Google Maps

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