Big Spring Creek Cascades

Big Spring Creek in the small town of Highland, Wisconsin contains a fantastic cascades/waterfall just a short hike from the parking area.  Also goes by the name of Big Spring Branch waterfall and other variations.  This creek is well known for class I/II trout fishing, and the spring itself is fed from an underground river.

Late afternoon this area is well shaded and the spring water is cool.  Perfect spot for all the kids to play in the creek, but I wasn’t able to climb in myself as this large group was taking up the entire area.  No big deal, will come back some other time.

Hiking Data

The hike is only about 0.5 miles round trip and is very easy.  I read somewhere this area can contain the timber rattlesnake (one of two poisonous species in Wisconsin) but thankfully I didn’t find them today.  Another WI waterfall off the checklist.

Lat = 43.0777016 , Long = -90.4122467 -- Show at Google Maps

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