Ellison Bluff County Park

Had a few hours until dark after setting up camp at Newport State Park and decided to head back into town & check out the area.  While driving back down Hwy 42 I saw signs for Ellison Bluff County Park and noticed it was located off the western coast – directly where the sun was setting at that very moment.

A short drive down the park road and walk down a wooden staircase leads to a fenced-off viewpoint hanging over the cliffside.

Here’s a view looking down from the end of the viewpoint.  Luckily the fence is very high & sturdy here!

Spend the next 30 minutes watching as the sun fell below the horizon.  Door County is one of the few places in Wisconsin where you can watch the sun set over Lake Michigan, and in my opinion this may be the best overall location period.


Since I already had the camera on a tripod took some video of the sunset.  This is what summer feels like wrapped into a 1 minute long YouTube clip.

Lat = 45.255867 , Long = -87.1086044 -- Show at Google Maps

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