Joshua Tree – Cap Rock Sunset

December 2018.  Government shutdown loomingGeminid meteor shower coming.  Vacation days left that need to be used.  Booked some quick tickets into Las Vegas with no firm plans other than seeking adventure.  The universe guided me down to Joshua Tree National Park.

Pitched my tent at the Belle campground (which I was lucky to get, no reservations) and took off driving the park roads getting a feel for things.  Daylight was getting low so I stopped for a short hike.

Cap Rock Nature Trail

While grabbing a map at the Oasis Visitor Center, one of the rangers suggested checking out Cap Rock for sunset views.

Parked the car and hopped onto the Cap Rock Nature Trail.  According to signage there are bighorn sheep in this area.

The trail itself is very short and easy.  Several signs and benches can be found along the way explaining various natural features.

Cap Rock itself can be seen right from the parking lot but it just looks like a big rock.  Better views are from further down the trail.

Here’s a closer view.  If you click the photo for full-screen view, you can see one lone climber atop the rocks.

Light is starting to fade on the horizon.  Golden hour is bringing out some fantastic colors over the mountains.

One last look before darkness sets in.  Time to head back to camp – will the skies stay clear for some astrophotography?  Stay tuned!

Hiking Data

Super easy hike.  Would have done something longer but most of my day was spent driving.  More coming soon!

Lat = 33.9891396 , Long = -116.163559 -- Show at Google Maps

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