Little Bull Falls (Wood)

After leaving the Leine Lodge I had beer on the brain and decided to visit the Little Bull Falls bar/restaurant in Pittsville, Wisconsin. No brewery tours here – just a good ol’ fashioned friendly dive bar.

Of course my intentions here weren’t to drink the day away (though it did cross my mind). I stopped in and had a nice talk with the owner & one other patron. After buying a soda & pack of peanut M&Ms – standard fare for vacation, right? – they graciously allowed me a quick poke around the falls. MY BIG BOLD TWO CENTS: Absolutely never trespass on private property. These are extremely nice people so just stop in the bar and have one drink to support them, okay? Be cool and keep places like this open for all of us.

Another view of the metal stairs leading down the hill to the Yellow River also posted as private lands. This is all private land and is posted quite clearly. You have no excuse to ignore the warnings!

The light was bright & harsh at this stage of the afternoon making photography a little difficult. Here’s the view from up above which is probably the best angle to see them anyways.

Down below you can get up close & personal by hopping along the rocks. Water levels seem low today compared with other photos online which kept my feet dry.

Another view from standing directly beside the falls. It’s really a series of small falls with maybe 1 or 2 larger drops. Overall the drop isn’t huge but maybe a couple feet. Still very much worth seeing!

Upstream you can see more rapids but this crosses onto other private property and I wasn’t going around knocking doors today. It was hot and time to keep moving – onwards to the next destination!


Here’s a short clip of the falls in action. Enjoy!

Lat = 44.4672813 , Long = -90.1301956 -- Show at Google Maps

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