Trout Falls

Last stop of the night is at Trout Falls, found on the Fort McCoy Army base in between Sparta and Tomah, Wisconsin. I failed to locate this one in 2019 but luckily with some new info it was a piece of cake. Started by parking on the shoulder off W F Street and walking the small path a few hundred feet into the woods.

Only one sign on this trail that says “WADING TROUT FALLS PROHIBITED”. Best thing not to upset the Army by going for a swim, OK?

Just past the sign, the trail dips down towards the La Crosse River. An easy short walk to get here but be careful along the edge or you will slip & go for an accidental swim.

Here’s the best view from the south side of the river. It’s a much more substantial waterfall than I had imagined based on other photos I saw. Shame that we can’t wade in the water for more views, it’s a beautiful spot!

And here’s another view from directly beside the falls. Drop is something like 5-8 feet if I had to estimate. Definitely worth the trip.


Here’s a short video of the falls in action. Enjoy!


Not sure I would even call this a hike, it’s just a short walk of a few hundred feet from the road and super easy. I believe you can reach the falls from the north side as well but I didn’t find that on my previous trip.

Statistics for the “hike” and as you can see this one is extremely easy.

Lat = 44.0228386 , Long = -90.7114029 -- Show at Google Maps

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