F150 Photoshoot 2020

Had an impromptu photo-shoot with our old family truck, the 1994 F-150. Purchased by my grandfather (Guy) way back when and has barely changed in 25+ years. Odometer is somewhere around 53k original miles. I’ve been doing some maintenance work on the cooling system and other original items that need refreshing. Decided to give it a wash & quick wax and figured I’d snap some photos so we can send them to grandpa for his birthday.

First stop is at Suburban Garden & Pet Center. Grandpa previously lived just around the corner from here before he retired and moved to Tennessee.

Next stop is at Rader’s Northside Wheel Alignment Center – the garage my own father used to work at many years ago.

Here’s another closer view. I couldn’t really tell at the time, but the locksmith business directly behind me turned on their lights and caused the reflection in the truck door. Oh well, not perfect but still looks darn good.

The Raders are now enjoying retirement but the building still stands. I used to visit Kathy in the mornings waiting for junior high to start and play around the shop when I was a small child.

I have a habit of not paying attention to weather forecasts. I also have a tendency to be a magnet for bad weather. Today is no different. Huge stormfront is getting close and would drop flash floods not long from when this photo was taken.

Seeing the impending storm I made a brief stop at the Kenosha Southport Lighthouse historical site. This is the best shot of the bunch but I didn’t have any time for a proper setup. Rain ended my fun prematurely.

Another view of the clouds above the lighthouse right before the lightning and flash floods forced me to head home.

Lat = 42.613308 , Long = -87.846077 -- Show at Google Maps

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