New features: Social Media now available!

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I’m happy to announce AdamMartin.SPACE now has social media accounts on all of the most popular sites!  Moving forward, whenever I create new content here it will also be posted to the social pages.  This should make it faster and easier for everyone to access new posts without manually checking this site.  If you don’t use social media (like me), you can still subscribe via email using the link in the right sidebar.

Here are the social sites I am currently connecting to:

Because these are new, layouts may be a little ugly – please give me a some time to shine things up.  Thanks to everyone subscribed on the email list for putting up with my annoying test messages.

New (actual) content coming very soon!

Update 04-Feb-2018: Dropping Tumblr because nobody uses it and adding Instagram.

Update 09-Oct-2018: For many reasons (data breach, lack of popularity) I am deleting Google+.

Update 03-Jun-2020: Facebook is deleted because it’s a shithole. Twitter is deleted because I had 1 follower and for my purposes it isn’t worth the time. I would delete Instagram in a heartbeat (it’s owned by Facebook) but no viable alternatives exist. YouTube will also remain but I question their integrity too.

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