Big Spring Creek (2022)

Big Spring Creek - Spring water cascading down the rocks

My turkey hunt was going nowhere fast today. After striking out at Governor Dodge State Park I fueled up, took a short midday nap, and drove around in search of new public lands with favorable terrain. Along the way I ended up at a familiar destination at Big Springs Fishery Area in Highland, Wisconsin. Here’s … Read more

Rock Island State Park – Part 2

Rock Island State Park – Boathouse as the sun falls below the horizon

Part 2 of my visit to Rock Island State Park.  You can view Part 1 here and Part 3 will be coming soon.  Buckle up, this is a long post but worth it (in my opinion).  Here we go! (Don’t forget to click on photos for a larger view with more detail!) Thordarson Trail After … Read more

Belleville Spillway

Belleville Spillway - Common Water Snake on rocks near falls

Final stop from Memorial Weekend day trip was the spillway at Belleville Community Park. I thought it had an actual waterfall for my checklist but I read incorrectly – this is an all man-made spillway.  Oh well, still kinda neat. Best part was the extraordinarily friendly & social snakes (northern water snake, Nerodia sipedon).  These little … Read more