Deadwood, SD

After scouting all the campsites and running out of daylight, I made an executive decision and gave up my camping dreams for the night.  On the advice of some super helpful locals at a place called Pizza Lab in Lead, SD, I made my way to Deadwood (yes like the movies, Kevin Costner and all that jazz).  Their suggestions fell through, but another helpful person sent me to the historic Franklin Hotel and Casino.  Not sure why it’s historic but probably something to do with Wild Bill since this whole town is based on that and sad casinos.

Anyways, the room was only $30 so still within a reasonable budget.  Hotel from the outside looked magnificent, rooms. It so much.  If I was ever going to be murdered by ancient ghosts this was the place.  Turned out OK but there’s a reason it’s a zero star establishment. But hey, at least they give you one free tap beer with the stay.

Tomorrow going to see some local things then head west towards Devils Tower.

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