2016 Road Trip Astrophotography

As you may have guessed by my other posts and this blog as a whole, I have always been interested in photography.  My goal was always to try and capture images from my trips while not consuming the whole experience – that is to say, I wanted to live in the moment rather than focus … Read more

Mount Moriah and more Deadwood

Visited the Mount Moriah Cemetary where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are buried.  I’m not a graveyard geek but this would be an excellent final resting place.  View overlooking Deadwood. Some photos of the Starlight casino displays as well.  Kevin Costner owns the joint if you can’t tell.  And a few of Main Street and … Read more

Deadwood, SD

After scouting all the campsites and running out of daylight, I made an executive decision and gave up my camping dreams for the night.  On the advice of some super helpful locals at a place called Pizza Lab in Lead, SD, I made my way to Deadwood (yes like the movies, Kevin Costner and all … Read more

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Just inside the Black Hills National Forest, the Mount Rushmore National Monument is easily accessible and a quick place to see (or longer if you like, there are plenty of displays to read).  It also gave me the first glimpse of how spectacular the Black Hills are this time of year.  Not quite peak colors … Read more

Wall Drug

Wall Drug - Jackelope statue

Once again against my better judgement I went off course and stopped at a tourist trap.  This time it was Wall Drug.  They had signs littering I-90 for 200 miles before you even get there.  This place was made for old people who collect crappy knick-knacks.  On the plus side I saw a giant jackelope … Read more

Badlands National Park – Part 2

Woke up freezing in my tent.  Either the wind chills got very low or my 20 degree bag isn’t quite up to par, but will make due for now.  Wind died early morning and gave way to a lone coyote howling in the distance. Camp stove and pot work well and the freezer bag cooking … Read more

Badlands National Park – Part 1

Made it to the Badlands in South Dakota.  Once I crossed the Missouri River it was a white-knuckle drive due to 40mph sustained winds today with stronger gusts.  Watched the terrain go from flat, boring corn fields to rolling grass hills with sunflower fields and hundreds of free-grazing cattle.  Then the rock formations appeared and … Read more