Valley of Fire State Park

Left Vegas and headed north back towards Utah.  Decided California has too much to see and I couldn’t pick a place, and The Hoover Dam was back towards the desert that has nothing for me.  On the way, there is a NV State Park called Valley of Fire due to the prevalence of red rock formations.  Many different types, shapes, and colors of rocks in close proximity.  Also there are areas with petroglyphs – ancient engravings on the rock wall – giving a perspective of how long people have visited this area.  Very cool place and would have spent much longer hiking but temps got up to 104 degrees unofficially (car thermometer, not just after sitting in the sun parked) and I was toast.

Had to change the memory card in my “big” camera after 16GB filled up.  Julia that I met in Zion NP asked if I was a photographer and I replied “No I’m just an idiot with an iPhone.”  Maybe have to reconsider that one.  Aspiring amateur rock pornographer?  All photos so far only from my iPhone 6S.  Excited to see them when I get back.  Also the WordPress app still doesn’t let me upload panoramas or videos so more of those later.

Headed back to Kanarraville, UT to the same small cabin I was in earlier this week.  Have to plan my route for the final leg of adventure before New Mexico.  Strongly leaning to Escalante or Capitol Reef.  Weather getting warm enough to camp again thanks to the hurricane – lows back in the 50’s!

Bonus stupidity: I’m far enough west where there are now In-N-Out Burgers here.  Breakfast was a double double, fries, and a chocolate shake – a.k.a. Breakfast of Champions.  Good, but still favor my hometown Big Star drive in.

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