Kanarra Falls

Ended up back in my favorite wilderness shack again last night.  Cheap rates, bed, heat, and showers make a very happy and rested camper!  Also very happy to be out of Nevada – not my favorite state, but some excellent geological features I wish I could have seen.  Maybe some other trip.

Woke up early this morning and hiked the local Kanarra Falls.  Last time I turned back early due to lack of daylight, and after doing the entire 6 mile round trip today it was the right call.  The sign was accurate saying it takes at least 4 hours.  I didn’t know why everyone made such a big deal about it at first, but after reaching the end it’s easy to see why.  The views and slot canyons here rivaled The Narrows in Zion NP.  Trail is considered “difficult” and I would agree.  Wading across and in the water for miles at a time made for a cold morning but the views were worth it.  Met up with a hiker named Michael who took the rare photos including me.  All the guys in the background were pro photographers who were waiting all day for the sun to be right.

Bonus stupidity: Firstly, we need some rocks in Wisconsin.  Beautiful women seemingly spring from the ground on every trail.  See exhibit A below (yes, I hard permission for this, they were very friendly).  Second, I’m leaving my Utah cabin for the last time.  A bit sad since this was a killer deal and the manager Gail was super nice.  If you are ever in Kanarraville, UT stay here and do the hike!

Heading to Capitol Reef now, more pictures later but may skip a day if no cell service.  It’s pretty remote there which sounds perfect to me, and warm enough to camp again!

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