Arches National Park

Arches National Park

After Capitol Reef I had a decision to make – skip some parks and start driving south, or press my luck and go for more.  Made some distance calculations with my road atlas (no cell service out here anywhere) and made the call to push onward in my adventures. Only about 100 miles or so … Read more

Capitol Reef National Park

Cold, windy night in the tent again but wore my snowboarding gear and stayed toasty warm.  First day in a while with 8 hours of sleep!  Broke down camp and was in the park before 8am but found this wasn’t ideal to photograph the rock formations.  Had to wait 30-45 minutes for more light to … Read more

Torrey, UT

Made it to Capitol Reef but too late – visitor center closed, campgrounds full, and raining a little.  Found a tent site at a nearby RV park, little/no cell service and WiFi is awful.  Tomorrow visiting the Reef.  Only upside?  Caught another double rainbow photo (2nd is weak but it’s still there).  WHAT DOES IT … Read more

Bryce Canyon National Park

Ran into a dilemma this morning of which direction to take next.  Each way leads to a path where I miss out on major locations I wanted to see.  Ended up taking the safe route and going for a quick day trip to Bryce Canyon, and coming back to my little shack in the RV … Read more