Aztalan State Park

The final stop on this particular weekend tour was Aztalan State Park located east of Madison, WI.  I had known going in that this particular site wasn’t “epic” in any sense outside of the cultural/historical appreciation aspect and wasn’t expecting much.  Thankfully with that mindset I wasn’t disappointed.

First – the rain.  I finally remembered to grab a screenshot of my weather app.  Notice that large green band?  It was following me everywhere.

I’m not going into all the historical details, but this site is relevant as a settlement of the Mississippian culture dating back to 600 ADE according to signage and Wikipedia.  They have reconstructed some of the large poles/timbers that were put up to shield views of religious ceremonies as well as two of the large mounds/platforms.

Views from the top of the platforms were okay, but it’s mostly an open field with small paths mowed through.  Nothing spectacular, but it checks off another park on my Wisconsin list.  Time to go home and dry off.

Hiking Data

Hiked the big loop around the mounds/main cultural area.  There were some other short hikes outside my screenshot, but it’s more of the same so I passed.  I acknowledge this is a culturally important site, but I probably won’t return at least from a hiking perspective.  Adios.

Lat = 43.0688515 , Long = -88.8587875 -- Show at Google Maps

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