Rib Mountain State Park

Rain continued all night and into today with no sign of stopping.  Thanks to a friend’s advice from Idaho to “be here now”, there was no way I could let it stop me.  To begin my trip home, the next stop was Rib Mountain State Park.  This is a popular ski destination and is heavily featured on this year’s Travel Wisconsin tourism commercials.

Rib Mountain is the 4rd highest point in Wisconsin at 1,924 ft above sea level (1st is Timm’s Hill) and contains some of the oldest Precambrian-era exposed rocks found on earth at 1.7 billion years old.  These rocks are very hard, and on a rainy day like today it made for very slippery conditions.

You can drive to the top of the hill and walk a short distance to the observation tower which gives amazing panoramic views of the valley below.  Many of the leaves had already fallen and colors are way past prime, but even in the rain and haze it’s still a sight to behold.

Temperatures were dropping and wind on top of the mountain was steady and bitterly cold.  On the blue/green trail, the blacktop paths were slick and nearly covered by leaves.

Hiking Data

Only hiked part of the blue/green trails due to weather.  Since there are many more trails to explore and not much to see besides bare trees, I decided to visit again in the future and keep moving (seems to be the theme of this journey).

Lat = 44.9215813 , Long = -89.6882248 -- Show at Google Maps

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