Kettle Moraine State Forest – Pike Lake Unit #optoutside

Kettle Moraine Pike Lake Unit - Panorama From Powder Hill Observation Tower

Black Friday shopping madness?  Nope!  Once again I decided to #optoutside and burn off the turkey and pie.  This year’s hike was part of an event hosted by the Ice Age Trail Alliance at the Kettle Moraine State Forest – Pike Lake Unit. Part of this hike was a segment of the Ice Age Trail.  … Read more

Council Grounds State Park

Council Grounds State Park - Sunset across the Wisconsin River

After another hour driving, home for tonight is Council Grounds State Park.  Thankfully this park is smaller and can be done in about an afternoon.  I wasted no time setting up camp before setting out on the trails. Big Pines Nature Trail -> Unmarked Trail -> Red Trail Right from the campgrounds you can hop … Read more

Rib Mountain State Park

Rib Mountain State Park - Blue/green hiking trail

Rain continued all night and into today with no sign of stopping.  Thanks to a friend’s advice from Idaho to “be here now”, there was no way I could let it stop me.  To begin my trip home, the next stop was Rib Mountain State Park.  This is a popular ski destination and is heavily … Read more