Rib Falls

More heavy rains overnight continued the cold, wet conditions.  But if I let a little rain stop me nothing would get done.  So I pressed on and visited another small waterfall Rib Falls near Wausau, WI.  Falls can be accessed from the adjacent Rib Falls County Park and is a very short hike but somewhat difficult due to slick rocks.

The view above the falls of the Big Rib River was completely still which provided a near mirror reflection of the bare surrounding trees.  Downstream it was almost impossible to get a clear front shot except from the bridge/overpass (and even then power lines wrecked the photo).  I tried jumping across rocks and climbing the other bank but it was way too dangerous in wet conditions.  Maybe next time, but it’s another waterfall crossed off the list.  The journey continues onwards!

Lat = 44.9752998 , Long = -89.9073486 -- Show at Google Maps

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