Big Falls (Big Falls, WI)

Woke early to get started on a decent bit of driving today.  First stop on the way – you guessed it, another waterfall!  This time it’s Big Falls in the town of Big Falls, Wisconsin (with a whopping 2010 census population of 61!).  This one is super easy to access by parking at the hydroelectric house.

A quick hundred foot walk down a narrow access path leads you right to the bottom of the falls.

Egads a crustacean!  Saw this big ol’ crawdad guarding his spot at the falls.  Looks well fed! Edit 3/13/19: Looks like this is a Rusty Crayfish, an invasive species…

Big Falls isn’t all that big today, but for a small falls is pretty big I guess.  Worth a quick stop if you’re in the area (which is to say the middle of nowhere).

Hiking Data

Not much of a hike here, just a quick walk down a narrow path.  Might have to hop down a few rocks, don’t really remember it being anything super exciting.

Lat = 44.6186371 , Long = -89.0149765 -- Show at Google Maps

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