Waupaca Falls

Waupaca Falls - View from right side of Water Street bridge

Rounding out my day trip in early June was a late-afternoon visit to Waupaca Falls which is of course located in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Access is extremely easy – just find the bridge crossing the Waupaca River on Water Street and look over the side. Nearby is an informational kiosk with a short history of how … Read more

Keller Lake Falls

Keller Lake Falls - Direct falls view from below

Wrapping up my day trip I headed to…a lake to find a waterfall? Doesn’t sound right but in the remote town of Marion, Wisconsin is where you can find Keller Lake Falls. Access is extremely easy by driving right up to a small bridge on the Keller Lake Park road and parking the car. The … Read more

Little Falls (Little Falls, WI)

Little Falls (Little Falls, Wisconsin)

Just down the road from Big Falls and still on the Little Wolf River, there is another “waterfall” aptly named Little Falls.  This is located in Waupaca County in an area sometimes labeled as a “town” but only consists of the Little Falls Tavern (by Wisconsin criteria this is fitting – if you got booze, … Read more

Big Falls (Big Falls, WI)

Big Falls - View from the bottom

Woke early to get started on a decent bit of driving today.  First stop on the way – you guessed it, another waterfall!  This time it’s Big Falls in the town of Big Falls, Wisconsin (with a whopping 2010 census population of 61!).  This one is super easy to access by parking at the hydroelectric house. … Read more