Keller Lake Falls

Wrapping up my day trip I headed to…a lake to find a waterfall? Doesn’t sound right but in the remote town of Marion, Wisconsin is where you can find Keller Lake Falls. Access is extremely easy by driving right up to a small bridge on the Keller Lake Park road and parking the car. The falls start directly under that bridge.

Here’s the view standing on the road/bridge and looking directly downstream. The falls are actually much larger than I expected and a huge amount of water is flowing here!

Another angle from just off to the side. There are small trails going along the banks where you can hike down to the bottom. Not sure if the “lake” is actually a reservoir but it turns into the South Branch Pigeon River at the falls.

Side angle view about halfway down on I believe the west-side trail. As you can see there are many individual drops, twists, and turns as water flows across the rocky slide & boulders.

View from straights on directly at the bottom. This one is my favorite view. Downside is that my photo flattens out the depth dimension and doesn’t do justice to the size.

At some point both trails are blocked by downed trees. You can get through but it becomes increasingly difficult and there isn’t much to see down the river.

Here you can see there are a few small ripples downstream but not enough to recommend going too far past the falls.

Bonus to visiting the falls? Amazing views across a very still Keller Lake. Surface isn’t quite mirror quiet but close enough for some amazing reflections.


Here’s a short video of the falls in action. Having some trouble lately with YouTube transcoding making quality worse than it should be but should still give a good idea. Enjoy! No hiking data because it’s literally steps off the road.

Lat = 44.6422539 , Long = -88.9776764 -- Show at Google Maps

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