Waupaca Falls

Rounding out my day trip in early June was a late-afternoon visit to Waupaca Falls which is of course located in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Access is extremely easy – just find the bridge crossing the Waupaca River on Water Street and look over the side. Nearby is an informational kiosk with a short history of how this town came to be founded in the late 1800’s.

Again very easy access to see the falls. Here is the view from the far left-hand side of the bridge. The falls look to drop about 5 feet or so which isn’t very large but it’s still an impressive falls.

Another angle from the far right-hand side of the bridge. The sun is falling lower on the horizon making some tough glare across the water.

Here’s the view looking upstream above the falls. About 100 yards away there looks to be a small rapids/falls so I went to check it out.

Running directly along the shore is a small trail that I believe is part of the River Ridge Trail that goes for several miles. This section is part of the Challenge The Outdoors Trail which I think is meant to be ADA accessible and is sponsored by several organizations. Next to that are posted regulations for trout fishing.

Must be a decent spot to find the trout – this guy was one of several fly fishermen I observed and some were pulling fish.

Here’s a view of the small rapids that I saw from the bridge. Nothing huge but always enjoy finding features like this anyways.

From the rapids here is a view looking downstream back towards the bridge. Starting to get a bit dark below the tree canopy which meant time for a drive back home.

One last look from atop the bridge looking downstream below the falls. I believe it’s all private land down this way but saw several others fishing from the banks. Must be a half decent spot to see that many people in one area.


Here’s a short video of the falls in action. Enjoy!

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