Little Falls (Little Falls, WI)

Little Falls (Little Falls, Wisconsin)

Just down the road from Big Falls and still on the Little Wolf River, there is another “waterfall” aptly named Little Falls.  This is located in Waupaca County in an area sometimes labeled as a “town” but only consists of the Little Falls Tavern (by Wisconsin criteria this is fitting – if you got booze, … Read more

Little Falls (Winter, WI)

Little Falls (Winter, Wisconsin)

Heading out from Interstate State Park today heading eastbound (I had to book my trip this way due to uncertainty from the heavy rains & flooding along the Mississippi).  Today would be spent mostly on the highway with 5 hours of driving.  First stop to break up the day was Little Falls in Winter, Wisconsin. … Read more

Pike Hole Rapids / Little Falls

Pike Hole Rapids

Last stop before camp was again on the Apple River but slightly farther north around Amery/Little Falls, Wisconsin.  This was another unique location offering two falls in one spot with less than 1/4 of separation.  Starting at the WI DNR public fishing area, I made my way down the foot-worn path to see both Pike … Read more