Little Falls (Winter, WI)

Heading out from Interstate State Park today heading eastbound (I had to book my trip this way due to uncertainty from the heavy rains & flooding along the Mississippi).  Today would be spent mostly on the highway with 5 hours of driving.  First stop to break up the day was Little Falls in Winter, Wisconsin.

Located on the Flambeau River in the Flambeau River State Forest, this waterfall is easily accessible by walking down an extremely well-groomed gravel path for only about 1/2 mile round trip.

Upstream there is a large rapids named Slough Gundy but I didn’t visit those today.

The falls rush violently between a small rock island and large boulders along the dropoff.  Unless you have a kayak, the only way to view these is along the shores.

Here’s a slightly different angle.  Tons of people here picnicking on the rocks & grassy river banks.  Plenty of other rapids all along the river if you have the time to explore!  Another waterfall checked off the list – feels like I’m over half done with the entire state.

Hiking Data

Short & easy walk with extremely rewarding views.  Only about 50 feet elevation change over 1/8 to 1/4 mile shouldn’t be very challenging for most anyone.

Lat = 45.6438789 , Long = -90.73806 -- Show at Google Maps

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