Devils River Falls

Still heading further south towards home and now in Manitowoc County, the next stop is at Devils River Campground to see Devils River Falls.  The campground is private so make sure you visit the general store and get permission before walking through the property.  At the parking area there are some interesting historical buildings that have been preserved/restored including this rock and grain mill on the National Register of Historic Places.

The falls themselves are only a few hundred yards away and very easy to access.  I started as far downstream as I could where the rapids & ledges are small but pick up quickly.

More rapids now turning into falls that are 2-3 feet high.  Rocks here have an interesting cubic structure with clean fracture lines (possibly dolomite but I’m no geologist).

Here’s another closer view of the first small falls that drop about 3 feet.

And just around the bend are the main falls.  These are spectacular to view from a distance and are much larger than my camera lens can convey.  You can see remnants of the dam (now just a wall) used by the rock mill on the right.

Here’s a closer view at the top of the falls.  Notice how they stretch along these rock shelves but from far away seem to drop instantly.  Quite unique to many of the other falls in our state!


Here’s a short compilation of the falls & rapids in this area.  Enjoy!

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