Fonferek Falls

Still in the Green Bay area searching for waterfalls.  Progress was briefly impeded as county MM is completely closed from one direction.

Drove a few miles around on farmland roads and arrived at Fonferek’s Glen, a small park in Brown County with surprising features.

Some cool barns at the parking area.  The viewing area for the falls isn’t far from here (not pictured here but seen in the video below).

Just a short walk from the barns you can walk directly to the edge of the falls.  I believe these are listed as 30 feet high, don’t fall!

After a quick scramble down the cliffs you can see the falls from below.

Here’s a tighter shot with more details.  Everything else around here is flat farmland – very shocking to find something like this!

I walked downstream for a bit to check for other features.  Only saw a few small “ledges” but not much more.  A family of like 7 people shot past me saying there are big rapids way down stream but not sure they really exist.

One last shot for the road: a big, near perfectly intact mushroom growing straight out the top of a broken tree.


Here’s a short compilation of the falls.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

If you don’t intend to get down in the water, walking to the falls is extremely easy.  Climbing down the cliff is a bit trickier but can be done by most people in decent shape.

Lat = 44.424572 , Long = -87.938797 -- Show at Google Maps

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