Baird Creek Waterfall

Baird Creek - Upper & larger of the two falls in this area

Re-visiting Baird Creek county park in Green Bay, Wisconsin because according to multiple sources I missed the larger waterfall on my first trip in autumn 2018. This time I parked further east on Baird Creek Road near the I-43 overpass. Trails are clearly marked with “No Trespassing” signs at the railroad bridge crossing the creek … Read more

Fonferek Falls

Fonferek Falls - View From Below

Still in the Green Bay area searching for waterfalls.  Progress was briefly impeded as county MM is completely closed from one direction. Drove a few miles around on farmland roads and arrived at Fonferek’s Glen, a small park in Brown County with surprising features. Some cool barns at the parking area.  The viewing area for … Read more

Baird Creek Falls

Baird Creek Falls - Main Falls

While still in the Green Bay area I stopped by a local park to visit a small collection of falls named Baird Creek Falls. Access to the main falls shown here are very easy via a paved walking & bike path that circles the park.  Overall drop is tiny but it’s still a waterfall for … Read more

Wequiock Falls

Wequiock Falls

Heading back towards home I ended up in the Green Bay area.  Stopped at a small county park in the town of Scott to see Wequiock Falls.  Access is extremely easy from the parking lot and your first views will be looking down 25 feet over the falls edge. Walking around the small gorge in … Read more

Packers vs. Bears @ Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field - National Anthem

Lambeau Field.  The Frozen Tundra.  September 9th.  Packers 100th Season opener versus the Chicago football Bears.  Point the way Curly! “Not so fast!” says Coach Lombardi‘s stern gaze.  Made a stop at the Atrium & Packers Pro Shop for merch and had lunch at Kroll’s West (possibly the best cheese curds in Wisconsin?). Stopped at … Read more

Lambeau Field Tour

Visited the historic Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI with my cousin Bryce, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Theresa.  Apparently they don’t let you walk on the grass, but we did get within inches of doing so – very cool considering players like Roders, Favre, White, Starr, Nitschke, etc. all played the game.  We also visited … Read more