Baird Creek Waterfall

Re-visiting Baird Creek county park in Green Bay, Wisconsin because according to multiple sources I missed the larger waterfall on my first trip in autumn 2018. This time I parked further east on Baird Creek Road near the I-43 overpass.

Trails are clearly marked with “No Trespassing” signs at the railroad bridge crossing the creek but didn’t seem to stop hordes of people from crossing…

Some revolutionary graffiti on the concrete bridge supports as well. I wonder sometimes how these “artists” become so clever. Big vocabulary.

Anyways, you can also hike a short trail by parking off Moon Valley Drive and hiking back to the west. Trails are pretty nice on this section.

Doesn’t take long to reach the upper & larger of the two waterfalls in this area. If you look closely at the picture series below you can tell water levels are very, very high compared to normal.

Here’s another view from above the falls looking downstream. Because of the high water this looks smaller than usual but does drop several feet.

The creek bends around a 90 degree corner and continues into some huge rapids. Falling in here would not be a good idea.

Another view north of the railroad tracks showing the creek bend around corners. Here you can see probably the best example of high levels – look at how far the grass and trees are under water along the banks.

The smaller falls are not downstream very far, maybe less than 1/4 mile. Much larger than normal especially compared to my previous photo in October 2018 where the water is only a trickle.

Here’s the downstream view below the lower falls. Rapids here are huge, much larger than normal. Very lucky to have seen the different conditions after recent rains!


Here’s a short video of the falls & rapids in action. Enjoy!


Overall an extremely easy hike and not much elevation change to speak of. Take caution of the railroad no trespassing signs.

Lat = 44.5016975 , Long = -87.9392395 -- Show at Google Maps

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