Baird Creek Falls

While still in the Green Bay area I stopped by a local park to visit a small collection of falls named Baird Creek Falls.

Access to the main falls shown here are very easy via a paved walking & bike path that circles the park.  Overall drop is tiny but it’s still a waterfall for my checklist.

Upstream there are several smaller drops – nothing remarkable but worth a quick visit.

Still heading upstream watching the river narrow and finding small rapids.

Decided to end here at this gnome-sized waterfall coming not from the creek but draining off the side hills.  Beyond this point it looked like bushwhacking and not much to see.


Here’s a short compilation of the falls.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Short and easy walk to see the falls.  Hiking upstream isn’t hard but your feet might get wet.  Be careful for broken glass & litter scattered around – great place to get your #trashtag on!

Lat = 44.5036011 , Long = -87.9409561 -- Show at Google Maps

2 thoughts on “Baird Creek Falls”

    • Hi Judy, I walked quite a distance to where the creek narrowed very small and I didn’t see much else. How far upstream?


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