Packers vs. Bears @ Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field.  The Frozen Tundra.  September 9th.  Packers 100th Season opener versus the Chicago football Bears.  Point the way Curly!

“Not so fast!” says Coach Lombardi‘s stern gaze.  Made a stop at the Atrium & Packers Pro Shop for merch and had lunch at Kroll’s West (possibly the best cheese curds in Wisconsin?).

Stopped at the Union Hotel for dinner on Saturday (not pictured but highly recommend this place).  Pre-game at C-Dog’s aunts house near the stadium with legendary vintage plush helmet chair.

Got to see the Tundra Line drum corps and some local celebrities like Vinnie James the dog.

Took advantage of the huge 100 Seasons photo frame – say cheese!  Get it?  I’d see myself out but this is my blog so…

Because it was the season opener and 2 days shy of 9/11, we got to see a huge flag cover center field for the national anthem AND a 2-jet flyover (watch video below to see this in action).

Our seats were in the south end zone almost dead center between the goalposts.  Views here are great and I’m a big fan of the stadium seats versus bleachers.  Views of the Ring of Honor are also not bad here and near to ol’ Favrey.

Scariest moment of 2018: AR12 going off on the cart after an early injury.  The stadium was noticeably quieter for a while as our season hung in the balance even before halftime.

Couple of my friends decided to have a rogue wedding sometime around the 3rd quarter.  Reserving those photos as private but here’s the first pic of the happy & well-hydrated couple.  This was the same point AR12 came back into the game and started the comeback – coincidence??

No photos of the remainder of the game – it was an intense finish!  Aaron Rodgers won Moment of the Year for the heroic comeback, and although the season was disappointing we can look back fondly on week 1 beating our oldest rivals.  Post-game libations at the Green Bay Distillery commenced and we even ran into St. Vince!


Short compilation of random video I took.  Go Pack Go!  The Bears Still Suck!

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