Rock Island State Park – Astrophotography

Took a short “nap” after sunset and woke again around 11:30pm.  Hiked back to the area north of the boathouse for astro photos.  Developing these has taught me some interesting lessons for 2019 but wish I had more chances to play last year.  Unfortunately this is the single best image from about 1-2 hours of shooting as the rest were either too short or had airplanes streaking by.  Not sad about it – one good image still puts a smile on my face!

Don’t forget to click the image & see a blown-up version with more details!  Works best on large PC monitors.

Alas this is the end of my July trip since they only let me escape from work for so long.  Until next time!

Hiking Data

Short hike from my tent to the boathouse and back again.  Just under one mile.  Bumped into a spotted whitetail fawn & her mother in the dark here – had to shoo it away since it was heading right toward me!

Lat = 45.4108925 , Long = -86.8297882 -- Show at Google Maps

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