Foo Fighters @ Fiserv Forum

Friends of mine scored tickets for the Foo Fighters latest Concrete and Gold tour in Milwaukee at the new Fiserv Forum.  Gotta say I didn’t expect to see such an impressive show – nearly 3 hours long and one of the best light displays I’ve ever seen.  Setlist can be seen here.

Don’t forget to click the photos below for a full screen view!!!

Start of the show gives you a peek at the lighting & A/V capabilities.  Huge diamond video screen as the backdrop with moving spotlights above and below.  Solid.

As the show goes on, more colors and complicated schemes are revealed.

Believe this was during La Dee Da.  Guess the entire back wall is a video screen with the diamond in the middle?  For me this is the most aesthetically pleasing shot I captured.

For song #4 the band took a break while Taylor Hawkins performed a super long drum solo (not sure exactly how long but it felt like 20 minutes).  His drum platform raised up into the air about 15 feet too.  This is some serious Spinal Tap shit and it’s awesome.

They used lots of blue and white spots but gradually ramped up complexity as the show progressed.

Only a few songs used all red.  Those lights in the rafters?  Yeah, they could mechanically rotate and re-position them too.

Another one with blue lights and now sporting the FF logo on the diamond.  This might have been during All My Life but don’t quote me on that, was busy having my face melted off.

Dave hopped on the drums and Taylor took the mic for a cover of Queen/Bowie’s “Under Pressure”.  Scroll down to the bottom for a video with clips of this, they pulled it off nicely.  They also did some covers of Tom Petty in honor of his passing including Breakdown.

Did I mention they’ve got friggin’ laser beams too?  It’s almost like they’re a big rock band that tours the world…

Start of the encore.  Dave gives a short speech about how awesome the fans are.  Lots of interaction with the crowd but not forced, they are very good at this.

Final bow at the end of the show.  Dave’s voice was toast from screaming but it was still the cleanest production I’ve ever seen.  10/10 would see them again!


Here’s a short compilation from the show.  Sorry that it’s shaky – my main goal was to watch & enjoy the show and not bootleg it.  Cross your fingers that YouTube doesn’t pull this down for copyright.

Lat = 43.04496 , Long = -87.9172668 -- Show at Google Maps

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