mewithoutYou @ Concord Music Hall

Concord Music Hall - mewithoutYou

Was able to see my favorite band mewithoutYou again January 2020 at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, IL during Thrice’s 15 year anniversary tour for the album “Vheissu”. Venue has a no camera policy so everything was taken in potato vision from my iPhone 8. Best photo was before the show during sound checks when … Read more mewithoutYou @ Concord Music Hall

mewithoutYou @ The House Cafe

The House Cafe in Dekalb, Illinois

Scored tickets to see one of my favorite bands down at The House Cafe in Dekalb, Illinois. Teddy Roberts and The Mouths were the opening act.  Kind of a bluegrass/country vibe. Tigers Jaw closed the show.  They are good but not quite my style (emo/pop punk). Right in the middle was mewithoutYou.  Sorry my photos … Read more mewithoutYou @ The House Cafe

Foo Fighters @ Fiserv Forum

Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold Tour

Friends of mine scored tickets for the Foo Fighters latest Concrete and Gold tour in Milwaukee at the new Fiserv Forum.  Gotta say I didn’t expect to see such an impressive show – nearly 3 hours long and one of the best light displays I’ve ever seen.  Setlist can be seen here. Don’t forget to … Read more Foo Fighters @ Fiserv Forum

Fleet Foxes @ Chicago Theatre

Fleet Foxes @ Chicago Theatre

Got lucky and scored tickets months ago to see Fleet Foxes at the Chicago Theatre.  First balcony booth seats with a table and waiter service thanks to an awesome pre-sale deal. Opening band Nap Eyes was OK if nothing else.  Super chill sleepy-time music.  Guess it’s not just a clever name? Fleet Foxes went on around … Read more Fleet Foxes @ Chicago Theatre

mewithoutYou @ Bottom Lounge

mewithoutYou – Catch For Us The Foxes 10 year Anniversary Tour with openers The Appleseed Cast and Hop Along.  Crappy photos but was a great show as usual, and they played the entire album (CFUTF) straight through plus a killer encore (setlist here).  I didn’t know anything about Hop Along but they were good so I … Read more mewithoutYou @ Bottom Lounge

The Chariot @ Bottom Lounge

Final tour ever for the band The Chariot.  Sad because I was just getting into them.  Have to say their stage presence was probably better than any other band I have ever seen.  Moshers were about to get tossed by security (rules and stuff), then the band stopped playing.  Josh Scogin, the lead singer, nicely … Read more The Chariot @ Bottom Lounge

Desaparecidos @ The Metro

The Metro isn’t my favorite venue thanks to it’s cramped quarters but it was definitely worth shoe-horning myself inside to see Desaparecidos.  Crowd was nuts, sound was excellent (not overdone like it usually is).  Couldn’t really move from the same spot in the back but still a good time.  Setlist here. Afterwards we made our … Read more Desaparecidos @ The Metro